Instagram for Android, Young Brands on Timeline and How Places Spread on Foursquare | This Week in Social Media

How Young Brands Can Use Timeline

Facebook Timeline thrust itself on brands on March 30 and some companies, like the New York Times, have used their rich history (161 years to be exact) to populate their page with milestones dating back to 1851. But what can new brands or companies with less tangible histories do to take advantage of timeline? Brands can take a cue from Spotify, which focuses on the history of music rather than the platform itself. Hulu does the same by celebrating television, while Old Spice sticks with humor, posting faux-milestones including how Old Spice’s 1945 after shave may have been responsible for the Baby Boom. If you’re a young brand or don’t have a long history to celebrate, think of content that celebrates the industry you’re in and offers content that your fans are interested in.  Fast Company

Instagram For Android Reaches 1 Million Downloads

It finally happened: Instagram became available to Android users last week and within 24 hours the app recorded one million downloads – 2,000 people a minute. Apple’s 2011 iPhone App of the Year added to its estimated 30 million registered users, producing more than five million photos per day. Washington Post

How Do Places Spread Virally Through Foursquare

Over 1.5 billion check-ins from 15 million people at 30 million places all over the world have occurred on foursquare. People on foursquare share places they’ve been with friends, discover new things, get tips and deals, and keep track of visits, giving foursquare ample data for tracking and developing complex mathematical formulas around how check-ins spread virally in social networks. With millions of people on the platform and billions of mobile devices out there, the opportunities in geo-location are only growing. About Foursquare

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