Instagram for Android and Foursquare in Timeline | This Week in Social Media

Instagram Coming to Android “Very Soon”

Instagram is on its way to Google’s mobile operating system, giving cheer to fans of the popular photo-filtering and sharing app, who until now could only enjoy it on Apple devices. The Android version is in beta testing and will be available “very soon” according to co-founder Kevin Systrom. With 27 million registered users, Instagram has a five-star rating on iTunes across nearly 400,000 reviews. Word is the Android version might be even better. Look out. TIME Techland

Foursquare Integrates into Facebook’s Timeline

Foursquare has long offered the ability to push check-ins to Facebook, but the new integration into Timeline beefs up its presence. For background, Facebook Timeline is available to all personal and brand pages, designed to highlight milestones and create a media-rich experience to allow people and brands to tell their story. Foursquare users who link to Facebook will now see a module in their timeline that displays recent check-in activity a well as total check-ins and top places for the month. Check-ins are also plotted on a map and photos are integrated into Timeline as well for added exposure. More than ever, brands with a foursquare presence will reap the benefits of added exposure on other social platforms. Mashable

Twitter Buys Posterous

Last week Twitter purchased Posterous and its technology and has assigned the team that built the Posterous Spaces blogging platform to work on Twitter products. Posterous, a simple micro-blogging platform particularly suited for mobile blogging, is one of Tumblr’s chief rivals.  What Twitter plans with the Posterous team is still unknown. Could they be looking beyond 140 characters? Posterous Blog

What do you think are some of the big social media stories to follow this week?