Illustrated Tweets, DMing Made Easy and Teens Going Public on Facebook| This Week in Social Media

Draw Your Tweets

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A recent update to Twitter‘s app for Android tablets includes a fascinating and fun way to interact with Twitter: the ability to draw on pictures and illustrate tweets. Twitter released a Vine on Wednesday showcasing how this would look and function. While there’s no word just yet on any wider adoption of this function, the ability to draw on and create share-able artwork on Twitter would likely increase the engagement and interaction with photos. This could also make the company’s stock look more attractive for that upcoming IPO. Hmmm…

DMing on Twitter May Get Easier for Marketers/Spammers

Good news for marketers, customer service reps and spammers on Twitter. The social networking site is rolling out a new feature to allow users to permit DMs or, Direct Messages, to be sent to accounts that are not following them. Until now, two users had to follow each other for a DM to work, which may not be the case for much longer. The feature is not yet available to everyone and is also a voluntary opt-in. For how long? That remains to be seen.

ZOMG! Teens Can Post Publicly to Facebook

Teens may now post publicly on Facebook thanks to a lift in that restriction this week. Previously, the maximum audience for teens was making posts visible to friends of friends. The default setting for new teens joining Facebook is still only “friends” but, like adults, will be remind that updates will be visible to everyone should the “public” option be selected for posting. The purpose of the move, according to Facebook, is to allow teens to engage in discussion as adults do and allow their voices to be heard.