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Teens are spending as much on food as clothing.

Hospital Selfies as Therapy

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Self-expression and oversharing come naturally to Millennials – from food and friends to, increasingly, hospital visits. VICE has an interesting article on hospital selfies as a means for patients to deal with life-altering medical events in their lives, from amputations to major procedures. “The idea of sharing trauma, at least for me, is not so much to elicit anything back but just to get it out of me,” Columbia University law student, Alex Blaszczuk, told Vice. Alex suffered a major spinal cord injury in a car accident and uses social media as a means of therapy. ““With medical stuff, people don’t know how to talk about it and don’t know how to start the conversation,” said Noel Day Bishop, who suffers from epilepsy. “Putting it out there [on social media] really helps. It’s really hard to, but it really helps.”

Teens Spending As Much on Food as Clothing

For the first time in the history of Piper Jaffray’s consumer insights project (published semi-annually the last 27 years), teens spent as much money on food as clothing, particularly among higher income families. Quietly, restaurants have displaced malls as places where teens hang out, leading to steep declines in teen mall traffic the last decade and affecting spending patterns. Starbucks, Chipotle, Taco Bell and Noodles & Company are among the top brands with teens in the study.

NFL Players Leverage Social Footprints for Dollars

For the last three years, the NFL Players Association has included a social media component in every deal it reviews. They’re taking the practice a step further with a program called Activate, which acts as a micro-endorsement platform where brands can build endorsement campaigns with NFL players and track real-time data. This makes the process of managing social campaigns with athletes easier, while also opening the door for smaller brands to get into the endorsement game with NFL athletes. It also gives athletes with large social media footprints another asset to use when negotiating contracts with teams or setting up endorsements with brands.

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