Healthcare and Social Media, Jobs on Facebook and the Ripple of a Like | This Week in Social Media

Healthcare and Social Media

A recent study examined how consumers are using social media to find healthcare information and make decisions. The study found that the search for health information is triggered by either the health concerns of the patient or health concerns of a family member. Consumers search well-known sites like WebMD and Mayo Clinic, but viewed social media with some scepticism as a source for accuracy. Rather, consumers were drawn to stories of people experiencing the same symptoms or situations they were searching for. The opportunity is there for healthcare providers to offer high-value and trustworthy content, but there are still barriers and hurdles to overcome. PharmaPhorum

Looking for a Job. Try Facebook?

Reports last week indicated that Facebook plans to launch its own job board later this summer. The board will aggregate postings from third-party providers, making them available for search by users. Three job-posting companies — BranchOut, Jobvite and Work4 Labs — will be involved in the rollout. It was just in April that BranchOut reached 25 million users, proving the potential for job boards in social. Whether Facebook provides any direct competition to LinkedIn or any of the other major job sites remains to be seen, but how far away can monetization be? NASDAQ

The Ripple Effect of a Like

A recent study asked internet users about their presumed actions when they saw that a friend “liked” or followed a certain brand on a social network. Twenty-two percent of users worldwide said they would make a purchase if their friends liked a brand, including 18% of U.S. respondents. This is in line with other recent studies that show not only the power of impacting decisions of consumers who “like” your properties, but influencing the friends of your direct likes. eMarketer