Grow Your Fanbase with Giveaways

Social media engagement should be one of the main goals of any social media program, but engagement alone won’t help a brand maximize its opportunity for social media growth. Free stuff will.

People love free stuff. Cheese samples at Whole Foods, mints at restaurants and catching t-shirts from t-shirt cannons at basketball games. Providing giveaway opportunities on social media channels and requiring audiences to perform small tasks to be eligible to win is a tried and true way to grow audiences fast.

Giveaways don’t need to be elaborate or expensive, but the actual item(s) should be tied to the brand and the giveaway program itself should have a compelling element beyond just free stuff. Creating a social media program surrounding something special and including a giveaway component is a great way to engage fans beyond simply content and grow channels quickly.

Giveaways can be used to achieve a number of goals:

  • Grow channels by like-gating
  • Boost engagement by requiring hashtag use and engagement
  • Source content like photos or video in exchange for being eligible for a prize
  • Capture emails or physical addresses for other forms of marketing

People are attracted to free stuff and with planning, creativity and a half-decent prize, brands can establish giveaway programs and boost the growth curve of their channels.


Nonni’s Biscotti planned a push for a new product called Biscotti Bites. Fluency created a content program in conjunction with a Facebook giveaway to expose the current Facebook audience to the new product, attract new fans to the page and provide as many samples as possible. The six-month Facebook giveaway attracted more than 44,000 participants and helped double the Facebook page’s fanbase with more than 50% of that growth occurring in the first two weeks.

The most important aspect of the Nonni’s giveaway was retaining new fans who had arrived for a chance at free cookies. Fluency’s content calendar provided engaging content before, during and after the giveaway, arresting the fan dropoff that typically occurs at the end of a giveaway program when new fans unlike a page and move on to the next brand offering free stuff.

For a chance to win a single bag of Biscotti Bites, fans flocked to the Nonni’s page, opted into the email program and shared nearly 10,0000 Nonni’s-branded messages on social. In the end, the page grew exponentially and Nonni’s entered the New Year with a vibrant fanbase engaging regularly with ongoing content.