Google+ Vanity URLs, Facebook Closing 83 Million Accounts, and Google Buys Frommer’s | This Week in Social Media

Google+ Set to Launch Vanity URLs

Following the lead of Facebook’s vanity URLs and Twitter’s verified accounts, Google+ is introducing custom URLs to a social network that has, to date, featured long strings of seemingly random letters and numbers. The initial rollout will make custom URLs available to large, verified brands and celebrities like Delta Airlines’, with a plan to roll out the feature to smaller brands and personal users in the near future. PC Mag

Facebook Closing 83 Million Fake accounts

We apologize in advance for the end of your dog or your six-month old child’s Facebook account. Facebook will close 83 million fake accounts, starting with spammers, imposters and pages for pets and babies. The fake accounts make up a relatively small percentage of Facebook’s 955 million active users. Still, it’s a significant move the company working to re-establish legitimacy and social dominance after a string of bad news regarding Facebook’s falling stock prices and the networks declining reputation. We’ll miss you fido, but you’ll still be man’s best Facebook friend.  CNN

Google Set to Buy Frommer’s

Just months after buying restaurant and business review site Zagat Survey, Google is now purchasing Frommer’s travel-guide business. Google, which historically focused on indexing websites and serving ads through their search engine, email and video service, among other platforms, has shifted its focus to owning and publishing reviews on their social platform, Google+. With Frommer’s, Google is tapping the gurus by buying their collective knowledge and repository of reviews. Wall Street Journal