Google Pigeon Update, Snapchat’s worth, Bloom vs. Bieber = Social Gold | This Week in Social Media

Google-Pigeon-updateGoogle’s “Pigeon” update

Google recently rolled out what is being called its “Pigeon” update. While there aren’t a lot of details on what Pigeon entails, the update is meant to provide better and more relevant search results. While this is a non-penalty update, many webmasters are reporting it impacting their local rankings in search results.

There is a great explanation breaking down how Pigeon may impact your website, but there are three takeaways you may want to be aware of:

  • Local listing packs disappear for a large number of keywords
  • Rankings are expected to depend more on website authority
  • Yelp and other local directories are seeing a ranking boost

How much is Snapchat worth???

A new report out shows Snapchat may have been right to scoff at Facebook’s $3 billion offer. Alibaba Holdings Group is reportedly talking with the company about raising funding for a $10 billion valuation, putting it on the same price level as Dropbox and Airbnb.

Reps for both companies are staying quiet at this time, though Snapchat’s popularity continues to grow with more than 700 million snaps being sent and disappearing each day.

Orlando Bloom vs. Justin Bieber fight excites the masses on social

A tussle between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber lit up social media this week after Bloom is reported to have taken a swing at the singer after a less than cordial greeting. While some say the fight is making Bloom relevant again, others are chastising Bieber for his behavior and praising Bloom for doing what so SO many have thought of doing, but few have actually done.

As usual, the brilliant (demented?) minds on the internet had a field day with the scrap. Mashable has a glorious roundup of some of the better quips.