Google Maps Adds 1,000 Marathons-Worth of Street View, Facebook’s “Want” Button, and Google+ Admin Support for Mobile | This Week in Social Media

Google Maps’ Largest Street View Update

The Street View feature on Google Maps added an additional 250,000 miles over 17 countries. This update was the largest in Google Maps’ history, and is available on web and mobile versions of Maps. The timing of the Google Maps update is salt in the wound to Apple, who recently issued an apology to iPhone users for their own lackluster maps application.  NBC News

Facebook’s “Want” Button Toys with e-Commerce

Facebook is dipping its toes into the waters of e-commerce with the introduction of a “want” button. The feature is still in testing phases, but is rumored to work similarly to a Pinterest pin, allowing users to identify and save items they want and return later to make a purchase. This wishlist feature also allows users to comment and share the reasons they desire an item. Santa’s wishlist is about to get a lot more social. Business Insider

Google+ Rolls Out Page Management for Mobile

Google+ page administrators can now manage their brand on-the-go. Both Android and iOS devices will now supportGoogle+ pages for v3.2. The long-awaited and highly-requested update will allow admins to post, comment, and interact with followers from anywhere. Engaging with followers in mobile keeps Google+ in-step with Facebook for mobile, atleast from a technological standpoint.  TechCrunch