Google Levels the Playing Field for Real Time Search

Google recently announced that their real time search will now include Facebook status updates.  Google’s real time search, launched in December 2009, shows up-to-the-second search results including tweets on Twitter, relevant blog posts and activity on other social media platforms.  Facebook, though announced as one of the Google’s real time search partners in December, was still confined to their fenced cage until now.  Allowing the caged beast out to roam the world has leveled the playing field slightly between Twitter and Facebook.  I use the word slightly, as Google’s real time search is limiting indexing to Facebook fan page status updates only. 

What are the implications?

  • Facebook Fan Pages become more relevant as a marketing platform due to the increased visibility in real time search – larger audience to influence
  • Search Engine Optimization of status updates is a must – the keyphrase has to be considered when writing Facebook posts to stay in the race for the top real time search results
  • Most importantly, brands that haven’t entered into the realms of social media, or are just dabbling with a Facebook group or profile, need to jump on the bandwagon and create a Facebook fan page to stay in the race for search real estate

The sheer size of Facebook alone means that in a very short period of time, real time search results will probably be dominated by Facebook fan page status updates – so if your brand does not have a fan page, now is the time to start one.

Lindsay Stough is an Online Marketing Coordinator at specializing in Social Media with a particular passion for Facebook.  During her time at Fluency, Lindsay has assisted strategic clients with their social media efforts resulting in award recognition.  She was born and raised in Scotland and has now been Stateside for over 8 years.  Lindsay brings a unique international flare to our marketing team.