Google and Yahoo Ally, Floods Flood Social Media, Goodbye Robin Williams

A more secure email by 2015?

Setting aside their competitive differences, Google and Yahoo are teaming up to provide a boost in their encryption services for email. The news came earlier this week that a source code would be released in the coming months with the hopes that the open community would help identify threats.

Yahoo stated the goal was “end-to-end encryption fully available by 2015.” Once implemented, it would make it nearly impossible for hackers, providers, or even the government, to read messages.

Flood imagery floods social media

From Detroit to Rhode Island, incredible images of intense flooding permeated nearly any social media network after storms dropped several inches of rain in just a few hours. In Detroit, some lower stretches of highway were submerged under as much as 13 feet of water and damage estimated in the billions of dollars.

Social media helps remember the life and works of Robin Williams

This week, people around the world were shocked to learn that comedian and actor, Robin Williams, had died. For decades, Williams had inspired and entertained with his fast-paced improvised antics that could change at the drop of a hat and become a somber lesson about life.

Williams had been battling depression for some time, his publicist said, but his wife has also revealed the actor was in the beginning stages of Parkinson’s Disease

Williams’ passing led to a collective mourning on social media. From quotes of “O Captain! My Captain!” from Dead Poets Society to images of Williams’ genie in Aladdin, the outpouring was real and very heartfelt.