Google +1: The Implications of Social Search

While Google has thus far failed to dominate social media like they have with search, email and web advertising, it isn’t for lack of trying. Their previous efforts have either failed to achieve mass appeal (Wave), enjoyed success in limited markets (Orkut with Brazil), or have been met with ridicule and litigation (Buzz). Google is now back with a new strategy to leverage the social aspect of the web across their search and ad platforms.

Google +1 represents an attempt to create a more personal and social search experience.  The +1 button will allow users to recommend web pages to their friends and contacts.  While this will initially apply only to Google search listings, it will gradually expand to include Google AdWords and other pages on the web.

While the level of effectiveness and influence that +1 will have is open to debate, the undeniable trend is toward a more social search experience.

Implications for your Business

  • The structure of how people are finding, sharing, and interacting with content is changing. This requires both a social media and a search marketing strategy to take advantage of this fundamental shift.
  • Having both types of marketing is great, but the key is how you get them to interact and influence each other.  Google +1 and similar innovations, such as Facebook’s Like button, are becoming ubiquitous on the web.  The integration of your social media and search marketing strategies is now more important than ever.

New techniques, technologies and trends continue to alter the digital landscape.  How do you see the future integration of social and search playing out?