GIFs, Apps and a Facelift – The All-Twitter Episode | This Week in Social Media

Twitter’s New Look

Last week Twitter rolled out a new page design for users and announced a focus on profile pages heading forward. The new design adds a Facebook-cover-like banner at the top of the page, which integrates the user’s thumbnail and account information into a header. Twitter also tweaked the functionality of its background images (rejoice!) allowing users to position them from the left, center or right. Ryan Seacrest and our own Lindsay Blackwell have jumped on board and designed headers for their pages. The new look will take some getting used to, but the biggest question is how many people visit Twitter profile pages vs. access profile information through third-party apps? Is Twitter creating the equivalent of the living room you’re never allowed to sit in? Techcrunch

Twitter’s Bans Animated GIFs

I’m happy animated GIFs never caught on for Twitter user thumbnails, but their presence is still jarring in a newsfeed. Twitter agrees, banning animated GIFs, preventing teddy bears, kitty cats or Care Bear stares from making your eyeballs twitch and bleed. Will you mourn the loss of GIFs on Twitter? Mediabistro

Twitter Boxes Out Another App

First Twitter announced it was closing off its API to third-party apps, then it broke up with LinkedIn, removing the ability to publish updates to LinkedIn from Twitter, and then removed the ability for users to find their Twitter friends on Instagram and Tumblr. But now they’ve boxed out IFTTT (If This Then That), a popular service that allows users to create web automations. It can be used like a suped-up Google Alerts but a number of social media professionals use IFTTT to search Twitter for brand terms and set-up actionable alerts. We await the next Twitter hammer to fall. As long as they don’t ban animated GIFs. Wait, what? Argh! redOrbit