Friday Finds Link Roundup

LinksThe big news this week is the IPO of LinkedIn, which debuted to big numbers, ending its first day with the value of shares up 109%. It’s raised excitement, and expectations, for the IPOs of other big web companies like Facebook, Groupon, Zynga, and Twitter.

It’s an exciting time in the world of tech and social media. And, while the market will ultimately determine whether or not these companies have been overvalued, there’s no doubt that the very real excitement about them comes from a fundamental shift in how people are using technology.

Speaking of technology, read on for a selection of our favorite links from the past week in the areas of Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEM, SEO, and anything else that tickled our fancy. Many of these have also been retweeted by us at @fluencymedia, so follow us there for the latest updates.

  • Last week, after the deal was announced, we mentioned our excitement about the Microsoft/Skype merger. One blogger takes a look at some specific ways Microsoft can put the service to good use.
  • Have you ever purchased an item from a Facebook store? One company is upgrading their features to make the process even more appealing for shoppers and merchants.
  • Mobile is a marketing force to be reckoned with. So much so that Groupon predicts half of all its sales coming from mobile within two years.
  • If you’re an email marketer, it’s not good enough to merely send out email campaigns. To ensure great results, you’ve got to monitor your reputation as well.

Did we miss anything? Share your links in the comments!

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