Friday Finds Link Roundup

Readers of a certain age (ahem) may remember TGIF. The Friday night lineup on ABC during the 1990s brought us such gems as Full House, Step by Step, and of course, Family Matters.

Unfortunately, TGIF fizzled out in the early aughts, leaving in its wake reruns of Wife Swap and Grey’s Anatomy where there should have been stern-but-likeable school principals and sassy-but-likeable older sisters.

But never fear! We’ve got a new acronym to get excited about: TGIFF – Thank Goodness it’s Friday Finds.

Read on for a selection of our favorite links from the past week in the areas of Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEM, SEO, and anything else that tickled our fancy. Many of these have also been retweeted by us at @fluencymedia, so follow us there for the latest updates.

  • What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the term “bail bondsman?” If it’s a tattooed, gritty, chain smoking man, then we’ve got a marketing case study that may just change your mind.
  • As longtime fans of Skype, we’re excited about Microsoft’s acquisition. Here’s why.
  • We love when blogs practice what they preach, and Social Media Examiner is one of the best. So it’s no surprise they augmented this juicy post on using images to enhance your blog with tons of luscious graphics!
  • It seems like a new competitor enters the daily deals market nearly every week. Facebook is one of the most recent – and high profile – additions. But what makes its Deals program different?
  • We don’t even want to imagine a world without Facebook, let alone see the video! But, for the morbidly curious among us, here you go.
  • Do you HootSuite? If you don’t, take a look at this overview of one of our favorite social media management tools.

Did we miss anything? Share your links in the comments!

Shannon Riffe is a Marketing Assistant, helping to execute Fluency’s social media programs and generate engaging and viral content for clients. When she isn’t blogging, tweeting, cruising her HootSuite streams or “Marking as Read” hundreds of Google Reader entries, she’s watching Family Matters clips on YouTube. Read more from Shannon at