Friday Finds Link Roundup

While we didn’t wake up at 5am to watch the Royal Wedding, we have been keeping up to date throughout the day via Facebook status updates, Twitter posts and YouTube clips. It’s shaping up to be one of the biggest media events of all time, having already broken live streaming records, dominating Twitter Trending topics, and getting front page news coverage across the world.

But, despite how it may seem, there have been other topics in the news this past week, and we’ve got a roundup of them below. Read on for a selection of our favorite links from the past week in the areas of Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEM, SEO, and anything else that tickled our fancy. Many of these have also been retweeted by us at @fluencymedia, so follow us there for the latest updates.

  • The web was abuzz this week with the news that YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen are not only launching a new company, called AVOS, they’re also buying Delicious from Yahoo. We’re thrilled these two have chosen to rescue Delicious and we’re interested to see what they have in mind for the social bookmarking site.
  • Are there too many smartphone apps competing for our attention? This blogger thinks so, and he’s even coined a term for the phenomenon: Apptrophy.
  • Would you “Like” a show on Facebook in order to get access to an exclusive episode? Tens of thousands of people did just that on the “Operation Repo” Facebook page. A great example of how a television network was able to activate its very loyal and engaged fan base.
  • Want to predict the future? Just turn to Google. That’s what the folks at xkcd did, Googling each of the next 90 years and tracking what they found on the first page of search results for each one.

Did we miss something? Share your links in the comments.