Fluency Media Celebrates Pure Michigan’s Social Media Milestone

Just a few months after being named the #1 social media state tourism campaign, Pure Michigan has a new honor to celebrate! Travel Michigan, a Fluency Media client, recently reached a critical milestone and became the only state tourism page with more than 200,000 Facebook fans.

Our team launched Travel Michigan’s social platforms in 2009 and quickly began building its social media community across Twitter, Facebook and the Pure Michigan Blog.

The Facebook page has done particularly well based on Facebook-only events, impromptu contests, and consistent participation by the Travel Michigan team.  Based on this and strong performances from the Blog and Twitter channels, Pure Michigan’s social media efforts have consistently been ranked #1 in the United States.

How Did Travel Michigan Do It?

The Travel Michigan team focused on 3 key principles:

1.    Collaboration: Every partner was empowered to contribute content and ideas.

2.    Clear Goals:  The #1 goal of every social media effort was to increase tourism to the State of Michigan.

3.    Leverage Each Platform’s Strengths:  Fluency is responsible for Twitter, Facebook, and the Pure Michigan Blog. Facebook is where the community meets, Twitter keeps the community informed, and the Blog is where we celebrate Michigan’s treasures.

Based on these principles, we’ve built an incredibly resilient, fun, and optimistic online community of Michigan evangelists.

“Travel Michigan is a really strong example of how an organization can create a strong and engaged community utilizing social media,” says Tim Schaden, Fluency’s CEO. “We are thrilled to have worked closely with the Travel Michigan team to achieve this important milestone.”