Altered Insights, Flexiphones and a Leaked IPO Date for Twitter | This Week in Social Media

Facebook Simplifies Insights

This week Facebook overhauled its insights to provide page admins with increased ability to track page and post performance. The People Talking About Metric has been split up into new tabs: Page Likes, People Engaged, Page tags and mentions, Page checkins and other interactions. The Virality metric has also been renamed Engagement Rate, which will now include clicks as part of the measurement. If you’re a bit overwhelmed by the alterations, don’t worry; you have until the end of the year to continue gathering metrics the way you have been since the last overhaul.

Flexible Screens Coming to a Smartphone Near You

Your smartphone could be a lot more bendy soon. LG announced this week it will start mass-producing a flexible, curved smartphone screen. Its first devices to use the new 6-inch OLED screens will be available next year. While other companies have looked into more flexible displays in the past, this is the first time a company plans to mass-market the technology. This could be a new wave for smartphone design, which has largely stagnated with the keyboard-killing iPhone. Come on baby, and do the twist.

Whoops! Twitter IPO Date Leaked

After much speculation, we finally (hopefully, maybe?) have a definitive date for Twitter’s IPO: November 15th. It appears the company accidentally revealed its IPO date in revisions to its S-1 filing, private company financial data. The information was sort of reverse-engineered after it was announced non-executive employees could begin to sell their stock on February 15th, 2014 – which is normally 90 days after a company’s IPO. Sherlock Holmes would be proud.