First Thing’s First

Right now is a tense time for many businesses.  Job losses and poor economic news has convinced consumers to dig in, lock-up their wallets, and wait for the skies to clear.

That means that you have to make every visit to your web site count.  A comprehensive online marketing strategy is needed now more than ever.  The best strategy should take advantage of short term revenue opportunities while continuing to position you favorably for the inevitable economic recovery.

Here are 7 recommendations for getting your online marketing strategy into fighting shape:

1) Set clear goals and establish commonly accepted performance metrics. Get all of your marketing stakeholders on the same page and pushing toward the same goal.  Delays caused by vague direction can cripple your marketing efforts before they start.

2) Ramp up PPC Ad Testing: Take a look at your PPC campaigns and see if you can squeeze extra CTR from your ads.  A simple tweak there can increase visits to your site while optimizing your overall PPC budget

3) Give Your Landing Pages a Makeover: Conversions are the name of the game and your landing page is your best opportunity to log more sales.  Take a moment to simplify your landing page and clarify your call to action – proven steps for boosting overall conversion.

4) Build an Email Prospect List now: Even with a standard conversion rate of 2% you are still watching 98% of your prospects leave your site without taking an action.  Offer a mini-newsletter, special report, or other incentives to grab email addresses so that you can get a second chance at making your pitch.

5) Pamper Your Current Email List: Your current list is gold.  Take care to keep these current customers happy by offering loyalty discounts and incentives to continue doing business with you.

6) Stay Top of Mind: Right now, competition is especially intense.  Make sure you stay top of mind with your prospects with short, helpful, and frequent emails with a clear call to action.

7) Throw Away Your Assumptions: At Fluency we’ve found that rigorous testing often trumps “intuition”.  Your most profitable marketing initiative may be hiding in a current program.  Low hanging fruit opportunities could provide the short-term win needed to sustain your businesses’ momentum.

Your online marketing strategy is your Offense and Defense – take action now and use it well.