FDA's AOR, Breaking Bad and Google’s Birthday | This Week in Social Media

The FDA Taps Agency for Social Media

Social media has become so ubiquitous that even the Food and Drug Administration has allocated part of its budget to managing and monitoring their social media channels through an agency. IB5k, which worked with the 2008 Obama campaign, will be paid $182,814 to provide “comprehensive coverage” of the FDA’s social media properties, which includes Facebook and Twitter. Though IB5k doesn’t appear to explicitly offer social media services, they do appear to create apps and video and have monitoring experience. Free advice: monitor those Facebook comments a little closer (“flu shots are POISON!!!!!!!!!!) and good luck being better than this fellow government organization on Instagram.

Netflix Has Your Back, Breaking Bad Fans

Social media has made television watching more social and a lot more spoiled. Remember the red wedding, Game of Thrones fans? Remember the series finale of Dexter, nine people who still watch that show? Now, more than ever, if you don’t watch the show live with everyone else, you risk inadvertently running into spoilers if you jump on any of your social platforms. Thank you Netflix. The streaming giant has created Spoiler Foiler, which, should you sign up and check Twitter this Sunday during or after the big Breaking Bad series finale, will replace spoilers with blacked out lines. The nifty platform is only for Breaking Bad right now, but who knows if it’ll port over to other major shows like The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire or Duck Dynasty (SPOILER ALERT! The guys with the beards crack wise). Now that that’s out of the way, who do you think the ricin is for?

Happy 15th Birthday, Google

Fifteen years ago today, Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google in their garage office in California. Things are a little different these days with Google Glass, the new Hummingbird search algorithm update and shares trading north of $875 (I’ll take two!). There have been some rocky times (the death of Google Reader, Google+ jokes) but Googling sure beats asking a butler named Jeeves if cats can sweat.