Facebook Voter Prompt, Twitter Tweaks and Nintendo Health | This Week in Social Media

Mobile VotingFacebook encourages mid-term voting

The U.S. mid-term elections are typically met with low voter turnout. Facebook attempted to help mend that on Tuesday by encouraging users to vote with a prompt, reminding them that it was election day at the top of their newsfeed when the site was opened on mobile or desktop. From there, you could find out where polling places were and say that you had voted for a nifty badge that would appear on your profile and friends’ newsfeeds.

While it may be easy to dismiss this as a gimmick, a study of the same prompt’s use in the 2010 election cycle estimates it encouraged about 340,000 extra voters to head to the polls.

Similarly, the social network now also appears to be taking aim at Ebola, with a new prompt encouraging users to donate and help stop the deadly virus.

Shall we begin calling it Tweetbook?

In yet another change that critics are comparing to being more Facebookesque, Twitter moved the text bar that allows users to send out a tweet to the center of the page, which now makes it very similar to where you enter your status in Facebook.

Many users were quick to cry foul and claim that Twitter was beginning to lose sight of why some prefer it to Facebook, as Facebook has also begun taking steps to resemble Twitter.

Doctor (Mario) is in the house

New details of Nintendo’s QOL (Quality of Life) program are emerging, one of which includes a bedside device to help monitor and track your sleep. The device would analyze your sleep patterns and provide suggestions on how to get a more restful sleep.

No, this isn’t a feature for a new game. Nintendo’s last-generation console, the Wii, allowed more casual gamers to pick up a controller to a system that included numerous games designed to get people up and moving from their couches. It’s this spirit that Nintendo’s President may be attempting to continue with the new venture.Dr. Mario