Facebook Tweaks Liking, Google Field Trips, Intergalactic Gaga and TWTR goes Live | This Week in Social Media

Like as we Know it has Ended

Facebook altered its famous Like button this week. The first time in, well, ever. The social networking giant unveiled its newly redesigned Like and Share buttons with a bluer background and Helvetica font. The iconic thumbs up icon is also no more (aw). While it may seem a simple to many, Facebook says it took about six months to design and the approval of numerous people at Facebook (including founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg) to finally sign off on and move forward with the redesign.

Google Hangouts Make Field Trips Fun Again

Let’s face it, after you’ve seen your town’s local museum for the fifth time by the third grade, field trips just aren’t that much fun – or educational – any longer. However, a new initiative by Google called “Connected Classrooms” means to change all of that. Google is encouraging teachers to utilize Google Hangouts to bring students to places they normally wouldn’t be able to go to (affordably). Multiple organizations have partnered with Google to offer the inside looks at their facilities and connect with educators hoping to bring exciting content into the classroom.

Gaga in Spaaaaaace!

Boldly going where no celebrity performance has ever gone before: space; the final frontier. In 2015, Lady Gaga will be the first artist to perform in outer space. The “Applause” singer will be aboard a Virgin Galactic shuttle and entertain as part of Zero G Colony high-tech musical festival in New Mexico. Despite only performing one song, she’s bringing her entire entourage with her and has, reportedly, taken out a ridiculous life insurance policy. Way to play it safe, Gaga.

Oh yea, Twitter Went Public

You didn’t really think we’d forget, did you? Yesterday, Twitter stock appeared on the New York Stock Exchange and, despite some reports calling it overpriced, shot up from $26 a share to more than $45. Before you go thinking you’ll get rich off of Twitter, you may want to do a bit of research.