Facebook Moments, Netropolitan and HealthKit Delays | This Week in Social Media

Facebook developing new app?

Facebook is reportedly testing an app called “Moments” that would allow users to share information with a small, select group of people. For example, if you find an article on bond prices rising but don’t want to bore your family and friends to death, you can select to share the information with coworkers. Conversely, if you have pictures from the previous weekend of a family party that you’d rather not have coworkers or your boss see, you don’t have to let them see it! Those who have seen the app compare it’s look and function to that of Cluster.

Of course, the question that you may be wondering has yet to be answered: “when will this be out and why would I need another app in my life?” Only time will tell.

Netropolitan“Facebook” for the rich

Tired of sharing social networking sites with all of those commoners? Good news. For the low, low buy-in price of just $9,000 you can join Netropolitan, the social networking site for those who wish to discuss the finer things in life like caviar, yachting, solid gold cheetahs or whatever the rich discuss (we can only imagine!).

It isn’t all bad, though. For example, Netropolitan users don’t need to worry about information being handed out and viewed by third-party advertisers. Members must be at least 21 years old and use their real names. Additional details are sparse and we couldn’t go any further than the welcome page (that whole $9,000 thing), but feel free to check it out and sign up if you feel so inclined.

Apple postpones HealthKit app and others

A bug in Apple’s HealthKit and fitness tracking platform delayed the release of this and other applications with the release of iOS 8. HealthKit, for those unfamiliar, gathers and aggregates data from other health and fitness applications and allows it to be visible to doctors. Regulated medical devices, like glucose monitors, can also be paired with the app.

Once up and running, hospitals will be able to use the data for a variety of purposes, such as monitoring diabetic children or tracking blood pressure in heart disease patients. Apple expects to have HealthKit and the other apps it delayed up and running by the end of the month.