Facebook gets emotional, GM returns to Facebook, and Instagram stays the same | This Week In Social Media

Facebook Wants to Know How You’re Feeling

You’ll soon be able to imbue your Facebook status updates with all the emotional nuance of an AIM chat, thanks to a new feature in the composer that prompts users to select one of 200 emoticons to communicate to friends how they’re feeling. The feature is an extension of another recent update that allows users to choose their current activity from a drop-down menu (i.e. reading, watching, or drinking) and uses natural-language processing algorithms to suggest tags of products or brands based on the content of the update. Facebook developers admit that these new features make it easier to categorize the information you share as pieces of usable data that could one day enrich other features of the site, including advertising.

GM Returns to Facebook Advertising

After a much-publicized break-up with Facebook ads, General Motors is back in the mix, serving up ads for the Chevy Sonic. GM U.S. Marketing Chief Chris Perry announced that Chevy would be employing mobile-only Facebook ads for the subcompact car geared towards a younger demographic. GM originally said that Facebook ads weren’t effective and didn’t justify the $10 million spend.

Don’t Worry, Hipsters: Instagram Hasn’t Sold Out Yet

Despite being acquired by Facebook for $1 billion one year ago, Instagram has stuck to its promise of keeping true to its roots. Since the acquisition, Instagram has rolled out regular updates, including photo maps, a web profiles and new filters, while avoiding ads. This is good news for Instagram loyalists, some of whom are fans of the platform but not big fans of Facebook.