Facebook goes shopping, Klout gets sold, and Twitter makes changes | This Week In Social Media

Facebook buys Oculus Rift for $2 billion

You heard us—Facebook’s buying yet another thing for yet another imaginary-sounding sum of money. Oculus Rift, the company behind a popular virtual reality headset, has been acquired by Facebook in a $2 billion deal. And what is Facebook going to do with a popular virtual reality headset? Who knows. Speculation includes everything from a Google Glass rival to simply improving Facebook as a gaming platform. Either way, Oculus will continue to operate independently—Facebook will not be rebranding the company’s flagship device.

Klout acquired by Lithium

Social ranking platform Klout has been acquired by Lithium Technologies, in a $200 million deal announced yesterday. Lithium CEO Rob Tarkoff said he doesn’t see the deal as just an acquisition—but as “redefining” what his company is about. Klout measures “social influence” by generating scores based on a user’s existing profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more; Lithium currently offers “tools for companies to build online communities for their customers.” Users will get a sneak peek at what the acquisition means for both companies with new products launching this May.


Twitter’s making changes again and the masses are not impressed. This Wednesday, the company announced several new features, including photo tagging (up to 10 users—without detracting from your character count) and the ability to add multiple photos (up to 4) in a single tweet. The company is also experimenting with several other changes, like changing its retweet function to the Facebook-familiar “share.” Many users are concerned with the changes, suggesting the beauty of Twitter may be in the simplicity of its existing features.