Embeddable Facebook Posts, Pinterest Sales and Grumppucinos for Everyone! | This Week In Social Media

Grumpy Cat Announces “Grumppucino” Drink, the Internet Collectively Loses its Mind

Like Nelly, Bethenny Frankel and 50 Cent before her, it was announced this week that Grumpy Cat would be launching a new drink with her image and name on it. The Wrap reports “Grumppucinos” will come in three flavors: Coffee, Mocha and Vanilla.

The drinks will be available online soon and in stores next month. No word on price yet, but there is little doubt that everyone in America would happily pay any price to strut around the office while rocking a Grumppucino.

You can already buy Grumpy Cat merchandise like t-shirts, books, mugs, magnets, calendars and see Grumpy Cat in a yet-to-be-released feature film (no, we aren’t kidding).

Embeddable Posts: Useful Tool or Ad Revenue Grab?

Facebook appears to be taking more steps to try to take advertising sales away from Twitter. The social network announced this week that it would be rolling out embeddable posts. Mashable reports that the new feature will allow blogs and news organizations to include status updates, videos and photos in their stories.

Embeddable posts will work similar to the way embeds work on YouTube and Twitter. When drafting a post you will have the option to “Embed post,” which produces a code that may be cut and pasted.

This announcement comes a few months after Facebook unveiled hashtags in order to link users and track conversation topics. While this increases the flexibility content creators have in generating and sharing content, it also provides Facebook with additional data that can be useful for advertisers.


Stop the presses! Pinterest will now notify you when items you’ve pinned are on sale. These alerts are sent through aggregated e-mails in order to avoid numerous messages filling up inboxes.

Pinterest recently began linking prices of several retailers’ products and now appears to be using the price adjustment data to provide users with this additional information. No word yet on how many retailers have signed up for this program, but Pinterest claims it won’t be taking a cut from sales generated by these alerts. So much for that nest egg I had saved up…