Email Marketing Services

Does your highest potential ROI, email marketing, program have any significant bottlenecks? Are the main points of opportunity optimized from end to end? Most brands we talk to have at least three major openings.

Many are not gathering contacts in the most productive places or times. More than half have been sending fewer than the optimal number of emails once tested.

Quiznos Sub increased delivery revenue almost 25% within three months using email alone. The average customer opted for twice the number of emails they were previously receiving, subject line changes, lead to 30% increases in openings and coupon, landing page and improved personalization drove the remaining increase in transaction frequency and size.

After more than ten years in digital they seem obvious to us but the most valuable skill often comes with the experience of working with the existing cultural to make the changes needed to realize break-through results.

When we told Pure Michigan they needed to test an interstitial page (the dreaded pop-up) on their home page prior to their first national ad campaign, there was understandable concern. Using only enough exposure to get a significant sample size allowed us to determine that we could increase the sign-up rate by 13 times using the same offer they’d been using for years. Once the ad campaign ran, all went smoothly and the email base grew to be one of the strongest and least expensive marketing assets.

Are you mining your existing relationships?

For most industries, it’s 5 to 10 times less expensive to increase revenues from existing leads and customers that it is to generate revenue from a new client.

Email Drip programs keep your marketing message top of mind and relevant for your prospects. Fluency draws on its 10+ years of providing best in class email programs to ensure that you achieve superior performance from Day 1.

  • Are your campaigns designed to target your most profitable prospects?
  • Are you sending out high-impact, professionally produced content?
  • Are you using “conditional” messaging rules to get the right message to the right prospect at the right time?
  • Do your analytics continually generate recommendations for optimizing performance?