Death-Defying Stunts, A New Tool In Meme Creation, Inter-Planetary Payments | This Week In Social Media

Imgur Announces Meme Generator

Imgur, the image-sharing service from Reddit just became a nuclear state – in the meme-creation world. It was announced Thursday that Imgur would launch its own meme-generator tool. For those of you unfamiliar, a meme is a captioned image that provides funny and amusing context or observation (like the image in the blog).

VentureBeat reports that Reddit made the decision after noticing a significant number of its 80 million monthly visitors were using memes and had been requesting the service for some time. The Reddit team decided to bypass sites like Quickmeme and allow visitors to create their own memes. This comes shortly after Reddit black listed Quickmeme after it was discovered that Quickmeme’s creator had been artificially voting up his own posts on Reddit. #SocialMediaDrama.

PayPal Launches Inter-Planetary Payment System

Apparently, the future is now. PayPal announced Thursday it was launching the PayPal Galactic Initiative to allow inter-planetary payments. According to CNN Money, PayPal is dead serious about the move and denounces any claims that this is a PR stunt.

PayPal President, David Marcus, said that, with the dawn of space tourism upon us, we would not be using cash. This, he said, would require a new system of payments and PayPal is simply starting the conversation about what space-commerce would/could look like. Maybe now we can pay to get the hyperdrive fixed on the Millennium Falcon.

Death-Defying Walk over Grand Canyon Seen All Over the World

Tightrope walking plus the Grand Canyon equals lots of exposure for the Discovery Channel. On Sunday, According to Brand Channel, Nik Wallenda’s 1,400 ft. “Skywire” walk over the portion of the Grand Canyon – without a safety harness – was viewed in the U.S. and 223 other countries around the world.

The walk also generated a massive response on social media. There were 40,000 tweets per minute, most of which used the #Skywire hashtag; 700,000 tweets in total; 1.5 million streams on; and an estimated 13 million people watching the walk with baited breath on the Discovery Channel.

If you missed it, you can see Nik make the walk here.