Clickbait Crackdown, Twitter Analytics and Hyperlapse | This Week in Social Media

clickbaitCutting down on clickbait

We’ve all seen posts with an enticing photo and text reading something like: “You WON’T believe what happened after this picture was taken! Click HERE —–>.” Fortunately, Facebook has taken notice of these irritating clickbait-type posts and is looking to do something about it.

By seeing how long people view the articles they click on (and whether they share it), Facebook hopes to determine which types of posts are spammy and baiting users to click. This isn’t the first time Facebook has looked to crack down on this kind of practice. In April, the social network began targeting and removing “like baiting.”

Twitter analytics for all!

No longer reserved for just a few, Twitter has opened up its analytics dashboard to all users. Now, anyone can see just how well their content is performing. The analytics give users information on reach, impressions and engagement. While the majority of users may not find this helpful, smaller companies and bloggers will find the information of great use as they look to establish their own foothold in the Twittersphere. Analytics were previously only available to verified users and advertisers.

Video gets a bit more watchable

Instagram unveiled a new app this week designed to improve video quality for users: Hyperlapse. The app works to condense and speed up videos in order to stablize them. That means your panoramic video of last week’s barbeque will give viewers less of that “jolting” look and a much smoother viewing experience.

We know you’re reading this and just bursting with excitement at all of the cool videos you’ll be able to make, but keep in mind that this type of app and feature won’t benefit every video. To get a good idea of what Hyperlapse looks like in action, view the video below. Happy filming.