Bye Bye Captcha, Twitter Bans Made Easy and #Skeletakeover | This Week in Social Media

Google ReCaptchaGoogle takes on Captcha, wins

Let’s face it, NO one enjoys attempting to precisely type out the combination of contorted letters and numbers in a box on the internet to advance on a website or leave a comment – also known as Captcha. Thankfully (mercifully), Google has unveiled a new system that may replace Captcha to prove to a website you’re not a bot. It’s literally as easy as clicking and checking a box that affirms you are not a robot. That’s it. Easy easy easy.

This new system, called “No Captcha reCaptchas,” is simple to use on desktop and only requires a tap on mobile. Don’t think it’s less secure than Captcha, though. Google says that once the system has allowed someone (or something) through, it monitors behavior to ensure that a sophisticated bot did not make it through. It seems to be of to a great start, too. Snapchat, Humble Bundle and WordPress are already experimenting with it!

Twitter banning made easy

Haters are going to hate. There’s little we can do about trolls or bullies many times, however, Twitter is making it easy to block out these kinds of people. New tools are making the experience on Twitter more user-friendly and giving faster access to someone looking to flag inappropriate content or to ban a user.

Twitter also claims some behind-the-scenes improvements will allow for better and faster monitoring to keep the experience on the social network enjoyable and safe. The new changes will be made widely available in the coming weeks – along with more changes in the coming months.

An epic Twitter Takeover from Honda

Your mortal eyes did not deceive you; Skeletor, the arch nemesis of 80’s action figure and cartoon star, He-Man, recently took over the Honda Twitter account. The move coincides with Honda’s holiday marketing campaign using toys of yesteryear and involves some very amusing content.

The tweets from Skeletor are pretty amusing, ranging from trolling He-Man to even teasing other brands using the hashtag #Skeletakeover. While it may not be overtly trying to sell you cars, the takeover has been received incredibly well and directed attention to the brand name and the Twitter account.