Beyonce Full Social, Facebook Donate Now and Bad Social Media Awards | This Week in Social Media

Beyonce Goes Full Social

Beyonce didn’t announce the release of her album with a billboard in Times Square or a TV spot or a surprise appearance on Good Morning America. She did it with an Instagram video and a single word: surprise.

I didn’t want to release my music the way I’ve done it,” Beyoncé said in a release. “I am bored with that.”

The announcement generated 1.2 million tweets in the first 12 hours (she released the news at midnight) and sold 365,000 copies of the album in the first day. Beyonce’s move bucks the traditional strategy of targeted pre-promotion to a big release with traditional advertising, media appearances and partner tie-ins. Could this be a new way for major celebrities to make a big splash, or can a select few (like Beyonce) pull off these audacious moves?

Facebook Adds Donate Now Button for Non-Profits

Facebook users can now donate directly to some of their favorite non-profits with the click of a button. Facebook partnered with 18 non-profits in its initial rollout to add a “Donate Now” button to these pages, allowing users to give money in amounts of $10, $25, $100 or $250 using credit, debit or PayPal. Take a look at what the feature looks like on the World Wildlife Fund Facebook page. Non-profits have struggled with the challenge of how to make donating through social channels easier. The Donate Now button should help.

The Worst Social Media Mistakes of 2013

More brands doing social media equals more brands doing social media poorly. This past year was full of poor choices, bad responses and social media hijackings that included callous responses to tragedy, lame fake Twitter hacks and copy and paste community management. Check out these lists of the worst social media mistakes of 2013 from Social Media Today, Business Insider and Hubspot.