Auto-completing Ads, Targeting Tweets and Editing Vines | This Week in Social Media

Google auto-complete makes for powerful advertising

The auto-complete function in Google search took center stage in a viral UN Women campaign this week, drawing attention to sexism and gender discrimination around the world. The ads depict popular Google searches beginning with phrases like “women should” to illustrate widespread sexism. The tactic was so successful it has already been re-purposed for another UN campaign taking aim at homophobia.

Twitter hits target

This week Twitter announced Tweet Delivery by Country— a geo-targeting tool that will allow marketers to post targeted tweets to followers based on their country. The feature should help solve the language problem that drives many global brands to manage multiple Twitter accounts in various languages to reach a worldwide fan base. Twitter advertisers have been able to geo-target promoted tweets for a while now, but expanding the feature is a smart move on Twitter’s part to become more appealing to marketers as the company approaches its stock market debut.

Vine gives video artists some room to work

Twitter-owned Vine is also making some changes to give mini-movie makers more artistic flexibility within the app.  A new “sessions” feature will allow users to save drafts of up to ten works-in-progress at a time, and “time travel” will give users the opportunity to edit or replace shots within a post before publishing. Good news for aspiring masters of the 6-second video loop and their followers.