Attorneys Can Create Valuable & Engaging Content on Twitter

I love the Verizon Wireless commercial with the father who is outside with his family on the patio and he says aloud as he’s updating his Twitter status, “I’m sitting on the patio.”  Annoyed, his son responds, “I know you’re sitting on the patio!”  What value is the father providing to his followers?  He’s already irritated his son and probably the rest of his community with constant tweets that aren’t engaging.

If you’re an attorney on Twitter and you’re not sure how you should be answering this somewhat simple question, think of what value you can provide to your followers.  Instead of answering the question, “what are you doing?” think of this as, “what will grab my followers’ attention today?”

For an attorney, one simple way you can provide valuable and engaging content to your followers every morning is to tweet out simple tips or pieces of advice about your area of law.  Everyone wants the inside scoop, especially those who follow legal services.  If you can give content away and not keep it entirely to yourself, you will be highly regarded as a thought leader for your particular area of law.

Here are a couple of examples of tweets a trademark law attorney could tweet out every morning:

  • “To protect your company’s name & logo, file a trademark application with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.”
  • “Before adopting or using a trademark, be sure to conduct a trademark clearance search.”

Don’t annoy your community with tweets that don’t provide valuable insight and engaging content.  Instead, build your community of followers and foster conversation with thought provoking ideas to make them want more.  Your content can be immensely engaging and creative as long as you strive to provide value to your followers.