Apple’s iPhone 5, Instagram’s New Users and Google Docs with Liz Lemon

Apple Unveils iPhone 5

To the usual fanfare that accompanies the release of new Apple products, the company introduced the iPhone 5 last week. The updated version of the popular device is as notable for added features as for features that have been removed. Google Maps and YouTube apps no longer come pre-loaded – another shot fired in the ecosystem war between Android and iOS operating systems. The new version is taller, at 7.6mm, considerably thinner than previous versions, and features updated applications upgrades. The phone goes on sale September 21. Engadget

Instagram Reaches 100 Million Users

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app for iPhone and Android, grew from 80 million users in July to the 100 million mark. This rapid growth comes on the heels of the company’s acquisition by Facebook, and as Instagram’s team moved into the Facebook headquarters. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg maintains that Instagram and Facebook will maintain independent platforms, at least for the time being.  VentureBeat

30 Rock and Liz Lemon “Go Google”

As part of the “Go Google” campaign designed to get more businesses and individuals using Google’s collaborative, cloud-based software like Google apps and Google calendar, NBC’s 30 Rock team joined other celebrity endorsers with a YouTube video. In the YouTube clip, Liz Lemon attempts to get a team of writers to collaborate on a project, and finds her team to be less interested in work than with lunch. See for yourself… [embed:] TechCrunch