Apple Under Fire, Twitter Text and Google Gifs | This Week in Social Media

iCloud hack(?) exposes stars

Apple is under fire after more than 100 celebrities were the victims of what appears to be an iCloud hack that resulted in nude photos they had stored being shared online. Many of the victimized stars spoke out about the hack, with some harshly criticizing Apple for perceived flaws in its security.

Apple maintains that there was no hack and blames the leaked photos on “a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions.” The FBI is currently investigating the matter.

Twitter adds more features, people complain

Twitter sent out two tweets this week about changes to the social network: a change in font, new buttons on profile pages and more color options for profiles. In typical internet fashion, people complained. However, the font change is actually going back to a sans-serif default font from the change to a Gotham Narrow font that people also complained about (notice a pattern?).

The new buttons make it easier to directly communicate with an account with  “Tweet” and “Message” buttons. These simply make it easier to mention or direct message an account.

Google gifs

Google is getting in on the fun when it comes to gifs. The search engine is working with Madden GIFerator in creating a live stream of memes using Madden NFL 15 gameplay footage. For example, if Detroit Lions wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, makes a fantastic catch at the beginning of a game you might see the meme below celebrate with the player’s nickname, Megatron.