iOS 8, Instagram updates, and the FDA | This Week in Social Media

Apple reveals iOS 8

Apple revealed Monday its newest mobile operating system, iOS 8, which will be available to consumers this fall. This newest version of iOS offers new features for users as well as improved capabilities for developers, who will have access to a new programming language called Swift when designing mobile apps. iPhone users can look forward to improved predictive typing capabilities (with suggestions made specific to each individual you message), new camera features, and HealthKit, a new app designed to help users keep track of their personal health and fitness information.

Instagram 6

Instagram 6 is now available and certainly worth updating—the new and improved app now includes photo editing capabilities, allowing users to adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, shadows, and much more. The update also implements slider control, so a user can alter the strength or weakness of a given photo. You can also adjust the angle of a given shot, or apply multiple filters to the same photo. Tap and hold your edited image to display the original, untouched photo.

FDA joins Flickr

In an attempt to make it easier for consumers to access information about food recalls, the FDA has created a Flickr stream with photos of currently recalled products. Typically, information about recalls is accessed very passively—when we hear about a particular product recall on the news, for example—but with the new photostream, the FDA aims to empower customers to actively seek out information about unsafe food. The Flickr account should prove an easy and accessible resource for consumers.