Apple Kisses Facebook, Google's Social Analytics and How to Boost Blog Traffic | This Week in Social Media

Apple iOS 6 Includes Facebook

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Apple kissed Facebook on the cheek last week. Well, at the least they hugged. The latest version of iOS, which runs on iPhones, iPads and iPods, will integrate Facebook, putting the social network in default apps like the calendar, contacts and the App Store. Birthdays of friends will show up in calendars and Apple users will be able to post photos straight to Facebook through the photo app and see which apps friends like while browsing the App Store. When Apple integrated Twitter into iOS 5, the number of users who used Twitter tripled. Today, 47% of all photos on Twitter originate from an Apple device. Will iOS 6 bring good news to Facebook in a summer full of disappointment? Mashable

Google Ups the Ante on Social Analytics

Google quietly added a powerful social ROI feature to its popular Google Analytics tool.  The new features makes it easy for social teams to monitor and measure the impact of their programs alongside traditional traffic and transactional metrics.  Of course, the new tools integrate with Google+ nudging Google Analytics closer to providing social ROI information, the holy grail for social media managers.  The new social analytics options have been fully rolled-out to all Google Analytics users and can be found under a new “Social” label in the tool’s interface.  Social Media Examiner

Infographics Boost Blog Traffic and Facebook Views

A recent case study of a B2B software company looked at how infographics would affect blog traffic and Facebook views when incorporated into marketing efforts. Infographics were posted on the blog and on Facebook, with embed code on the blog and calls to action on Facebook to encourage interaction and sharing. The result? Hundreds of likes, shares, comments and tags on Facebook with views up 313% and blog traffic boosted 420%. The key is making content that is bite-sized, shareable and relevant to clients and prospects. Marketing Sherpa