Apple Gets Richer(est), Facebook Board Member Sells Stock, Instagram Adds Photo Maps | This Week in Social Media

Apple Becomes the Most Valuable Company in History

Apple became the most valuable company in the world last week when it’s valuation reached $621.64 billion, with individual stock topping out at an all-time high of $664.65 per share. Apple’s growth records come at an interesting time — on the heels of the passing of CEO Steve Jobs in October, and while other tech companies like Facebook and Groupon struggle in the face of financial woes. And with the iPhone 5 rumored to be released soon, it would appear that Apple’s growth is only going to continue. Huffington Post

Major Facebook Investor and Board Member Sells Stock

With the expiration of Facebook’s stock lock-up period, board member Peter Thiel sold almost all his stock in the company, 22.3 million shares. Thiel, who netted approximately $446 million for the sale, was one of Facebook’s earliest investors, and now holds a relatively small number of shares, 1.3 million. He wasn’t the only major investor to sell large portions of stock, as Facebook’s value continues to hover around $20 per share. USA Today | Money

Instagram is on the Map, Literally this Time

Instagram rolled out version 3.0 for iPhone and Android last week, and among the most notable updates was the Photo Maps feature, which allows users to geotag photographs. The new feature works similar to pins on a map, and collects photos from travels around the country and around the globe. The seamless feature puts Instagram squarely in the business of geolocation, as well as photo aggregator for events and a personal scrapbook. Users have full privacy control and can add or remove geotags at any time. The New York Times