#AmazonCart, LinkedIn Networking and Facebook’s Business Manager | This Week in Social Media

Amazon and Twitter teaming up with #AmazonCart

A new feature from Amazon and Twitter all but guarantees even more of your paycheck will be eaten up by online purchases. Now, if you see a tweet from a company featuring a product and it includes an Amazon link you can reply with #AmazonCart and the item will be added to your Amazon shopping cart if the account is linked. A short video explains how the service works here.

Digitizing the Rolodex

Another team up this week, but between LinkedIn and Evernote. The two are collaborating on improving Evernote’s business card reading service. They want users to scan a business card and pull information from LinkedIn to include additional information about the contact from their LinkedIn page. From there, you’ll be able to connect with that person, save the person’s contact information to your phone and provide them with your own information. Evernote users will get a year of free scanning just for linking the app to their LinkedIn account.

Manage your ad campaigns for Facebook…with Facebook

Facebook announced this week a new tool to help marketers and agencies streamline their social media campaigns with a tool called “Business Manager.” The social network says the tool will allow marketers to add to and delete ad campaigns, assign roles to people, revoke permissions to pages for ne’er-do-wells. Previously, a lot of those functions were mostly available through Preferred Marketing Developers.