Amazon Fire TV Debuts, U.S. Trolls Cuba, and April Fools Wins | This Week in Social Media

Amazon debuts Fire TV box

Amazon unveiled a new device this week called Fire TV that may look to take a bite out of the business currently owned by Apple TV, Roku and even the Xbox One. Fire TV will stream movies, TV shows and music from users’ Amazon libraries, services like Netflix and Hulu, and apps like Pandora and iHeartRadio.

Shipping for $99, the device includes voice searching, quad-core processor, dedicated GPU, 2 GB of memory, and dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi. Amazon may also be looking to enter the gaming industry with the device. Whether the new device’s popularity will spread like wildfire remains to be seen.

U.S. government created a Cuban Twitter?

The U.S. government may have had a role in using social media to try to create problems for those in charge of Cuba.  The Associated Press reports the a primitive Twitter-like social platform was “built with secret shell companies and financed through foreign banks” and “was created by a U.S. agency with ties to the State Department.”

The network was first set up to gain a popular audience – mainly with younger Cubans – and then stir unrest for the Communist government. The White House has denied knowledge of the program.

April Fools Day: it’s over (finally)

Another April Fools Day has come and gone. It’s a day for cheeky pranks on coworkers, but it’s also (mostly) a day for companies to compete for the most talked about”prank.”  From the good (Sam Adams HeliYum, Google Auto Awesome Photobomb) to the bad (Kickstarter dropping the “e”, Frostbite picking on WiiU) there was no shortage of pranks this year. The cynical or just plain April Fool’ed out may have appreciated Denny’s “prank” the most: a tweet telling everyone the best prank is not doing one.