A Boost in Facebook Engagements, Reverse Yelp and Google Cardboard | This Week in Social Media

like message on keyboard button, social media conceptsFacebook’s best year ever?

It’s good to be a brand on Facebook right now – IF your content is popular. That’s according to a recent study that says the algorithm change so many brands and companies dreaded may actually be helping to give brands a boost in Facebook engagements.

That algorithm works to place higher-quality content in front of more people, meaning the days of posts reading “LIKE FOR X OR COMMENT FOR Y” and generating thousands of interactions are mostly over. The study indicates that more brands seem to be aware of the algorithm change and are focusing on better content to engage their fans – and it’s paying off.

Reverse Yelp

Are you an all-star diner, or your server’s worst nightmare? Good and bad behavior may not have had an impact on your dining experience from place-to-place before, but now some restaurants in Australia are using its version of OpenTable to rate and track its patrons.

What’s more, restaurants can add information about you to the network, like allergies, birthdays, anniversaries, what you like to eat and drink – as well as what kind of diner you are. This means things like frequent complaints and bad tips will also be documented, so don’t be too surprised if you’re constantly sitting near the bathroom if you aren’t terribly kind!

Cardboard is in right nowGoogle Cardboard

Forget watches and glasses, Google wants you to engage with cardboard! Kind of. This week, at Google I/O  the company handed out something called Google Cardboard in the last few minutes of its keynote to attendees. In an Ikea-like packaging, the “device” resembles a cardboard Viewmaster once assembled. You then place your phone in and are able to view 2D images in 3D with the aid of the Cardboard app. Fun fact: this type of technology (stereoscopic imagery, not apps; those are new) was made popular around the time of the American Civil War.