#6SecFilms, Twitter Music and Generosity in Boston | This Week in Social Media

Tribeca Uses Vine for #6SecFilms Contest

Vine has quickly grown in size and stature since its launch three months ago—now the top free app in the iTunes App Store. Celebrities and brands have dipped their toes into effectively using Vine, but the Tribeca Film Festival’s #6SecFilms contest is our favorite integration of the technology so far. Entrants were encouraged to submit short films through Vine using the hashtag #6SecFilms to earn cash prizes and be featured at the film festival in New York City. More than 400 entries were submitted, with videos of everything from a bread thief to mini horror movies being shortlisted. Winners will be announced April 26.

Twitter Music… Is A Thing Now

Thursday, Twitter announced the Twitter Music app, a new way to interact with and find music via Twitter. The Twitter Music app will “surface the most popular tracks and emerging artists” based on the volume of conversations surrounding a particular musical selection on Twitter. Users can navigate to a specific artist’s profile to see which artists they follow and listen to tracks by those artists; navigating to #NowPlaying will display an interactive grid of playable songs that have been recently tweeted by the users you currently follow. The app is earning favorable reviews so far, according to—you guessed it—Twitter. Download the iOS app via Apple’s App Store or access the Web version at music.twitter.com.

Generous Bostonians Use Social Media for Good

Following two explosions at the Boston Marathon, Bostonians were quick to show their generosity. Thousands contributed to an extensive Google Doc created to share offers of housing for stranded runners, as well as rides, meals or even the company of the family dog. Google also reactivated its Person Finder tool –initially built in the wake of the 2010 Haiti earthquake – to help friends and family locate loved ones who participated in the marathon. Meanwhile, the Boston Police Department’s Twitter account proved useful in disseminating crucial information as the tragedy unfolded. The BPD also used to the feed to request videos from witnesses at the marathon, and any other information about the attacks.