5 Reasons To Stay The SEO Course with Google Instant

Don’t Panic – the SEO world is not coming to an end!

Yesterday, Google rolled out its Instant Search Service.  In a nutshell, Google will now display search results and pay-per-click ads as you’re typing a search query.  It’s incredibly useful for users, which is great.  But it has caused a low-grade panic in the SEO community.

Fear not, though – no need to panic!  For most, it will be business as usual.  Solid Search Engine Optimization and keyword research is still critical – probably even more so.

Big advertisers with deep pockets will continue to compete for one word and two-word keyphrases since these results will appear first.  That’s nothing new.

Over time the panic will subside.  In the meantime here are 5 reasons to stay the course while we are waiting for the dust to settle.

  • Google search has been predicting your search query for the longest time – so no change here.
  • Keywords will still be king.  How we use and choose those keywords may change, but it’s always going to be important to choose highly relevant and targeted keywords for SEO.
  • Remember that onsite SEO is not the only way, and should not be the only way that you optimize for page rank.  Tactics such as link building also give authority to your website in Google ranking search results.
  • As you should be doing anyway, keep a close eye on your PPC keyword bids.  Keywords that don’t perform should be dialed back – same as always.
  • Give your rank checking tool a couple of weeks to catch up with the changes on Google.  Currently most rank checking tools are returning inaccurate ranking results for websites as they have not upgraded yet.  This was also the case when Yahoo and Bing were in the process of rolling out their Alliance last month.

Although Google Instant Search may change (slightly) how the game is played, the rules are still the same.  Smart keyword research, ongoing optimization, and publishing relevant & helpful content is still a winning strategy.

We want to hear your thoughts!  Comment and tell us what you think about Google Instant Search.  Is SEO Dead, Business as Usual, or something in-between?

Melissa Mackey is the Online Marketing Manager at FluencyMedia.com. A veteran PPC marketer, she helps clients get maximum ROI from paid search. She’s also mom to boy/girl twins and an avid Michigan State Spartan alum and fan. See more posts from Melissa at fluencymedia.com/blog